“Although I have not seen Sloan before, I was most impressed with his performance as the all-too-confident, sociopathic hitman.”

            - Chris Rennirt, Space Jockey Reviews

“Fate Accompli is one of 2012's most effectively suspenseful short films."  "...a tremendously effective cast led by the rather remarkable duo of Walt Sloan and Erin Breen."

            - Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

“An amazing little movie.   ...Walt Sloan and Erin Breen are perfectly cast.  ...4 out of 4 cigars."

            - Brian Morton, Rogue Cinema

In this viral launch video, Walt Sloan is an Idaho potato farmer, being interviewed as the father of a sentient potato who has left the farm in search of "the troof.

“Potatoman trailer is batshit insane”

            - Mokman, Pixeljudge


“Best trailer of the year."

            - Julie Benson, PCGamesN


“The craziest fake-documentary trailer ever conceived. ...will win best game trailer of 2013."

            - Jeffrey Grubb, Gamesbeat